Power BI with Mapbox and Volcanic Ring of Fire

(2018-May-27) With recent Hawaiian volcano activity, it would be interesting to see how other similar events have shaped our Earth planet. The NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) provides public access to the Volcano Location Database - https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/nndc/struts/form?t=102557&s=5&d=5. And currently, it contains information about 1571 known volcanic eruptions.

I was able to extract this dataset into my Power BI data model and decided to use the new custom map visualization created by Mapbox that became available with this monthly Power BI update. 

The working experience with Mapbox is similar to other custom and native map visualization, however, it has one new additional feature that would require you to register and get your personal Mapbox access token.

As soon as you place this visualization control into your report canvas and then link it with your geo dataset, the following initial screen will show up:

Then after the initial steps of registration, you are able to get this access token to place into the Power BI Viz format panel:

Going back to the actual volcanic map, I found the proof, that the Ring of Fire does exist and it's around the Pacific Ocean.

And here is the actual Power BI report with the volcanic interactive map using Mapbox (which currently is only supported in Chrome and Firefox) :

Happy data adventures!