Book from a library. Learning never stops for data professionals.

[2017-Oct-31] If you have never read the "Iacocca: An Autobiography" book by Lee Iacocca, I highly recommend it. I read it first when I was 17 years old, walked into a local library in my search for any computer related books. By accident, found it on a bookshelf, read a couple of pages, was told that I couldn't borrow the book but was allowed to come and read it in the library. My next week was filled with personal stories from Lee Iacocca's book, I even carried a notebook to take notes.

It has been an interesting reading about Lee Iacocca's early life, his relationship with his father, and how then Lee began his career at Ford and then continued his passionate work at Chrysler auto company. Going back to Lee's father, the book is filled with his quotes and phrases, no wonder I had a notebook to write them down. And there was one his phrase that had planted deep roots in my memory. Where he said, "When times get tough, get into a food business because people will always need to eat".

During a recent Power BI World Tour in Toronto (, Oct 4-5, 2017) I retold my story with the book and slightly paraphrased this quote during my Power BI presentation, by telling that we need to get ourselves into a data business because people will always need information to use. You could be a data analyst crunching big numbers or a basketball coach going through a very detailed report filled with statistics data from a previous game. And I believe that ability to know how to work with data will always be needed.

Data can be found everywhere and we can convert almost everything into a form of measurable facts. Power BI can help us to connect to this ever expanding world of data and enrich our information discoveries through the existing data connectors (file-based datasets, different databases, Azure and other online services). And this list of supported data connectors for Power BI keeps growing.

But I would also encourage to become more technology agnostic IT professionals by spending time mastering more sustainable skills: data modeling, effective data visualization, data science, etc. Because we need to get ourselves into a data business, that's why learning for data professionals never stops!

Happy data adventures!


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